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Comments and Rating for the file TunerProgVer1.09-
TunerProgVer1.09- Rating: 3

TunerProgVer1.09 - Released: 2016/07/01

This Application will program the tuner inside the DM800HD+ receiver to descramble over
1000 cband satellite tv channels across the arc from 40.5W to 139W.


1. Apply power to your DM800HD+ receiver. You can even program it while watching TV.

2. Connect a USB cable from your PC to the Tuner Port at the back of the receiver.
Once your PC recognizes the DM800HD+ receiver, it will put it into sleep mode and
the picture will freeze. This is normal. If your PC doesn't recognize the DM800HD+
you will need to install the correct drivers for your operating system and restart
the application.

3. Test the USB port and Tuner to make sure everything is working correctly.

4. To program your DM800HD+ receiver to descramble all PowerVu channels across the satellite arc,
select the "PowerVu" File and click on "Program". To receive only FTA channels, select the "FTA"

5. Wait until the application finishes programming your receiver. This may take up to 2 minutes.
The Application will also verify that the file was written correctly without any errors.

6. Once the application is finished programming you will receive a prompt indicating that the
DM800HD+ was programmed correctly. Remove the USB cable so the tuner can reboot. Within 10
seconds you should see PowerVu channels decoding!

This Application is a work in progress and future updates will include EPG support, a functional key editor
that will allow you to enter your own EMM and ECM keys, real-time BISS descrambling and ultimately, full DCII
support. For the latter, you will need to purchase an external box (not yet available) that connects to your
DM800HD+ sata port and performs the computations required for DCII descrambling. That should complete the cband
satellite tv experience!



-Added more keys
-Edited channels in EPG

-Updated more keys
-Edited channels in EPG

-Updated more keys
-Edited channels in EPG

-Updated some keys
-Added PowerVu Asian support
-Prepared autoroll emm database

-Added keys for all French Channels on 107.3W

-Added keys for: 47W-4164R-9250
-Added keys for: 43W-3975V-3590
-Updated keys that roll

-Added keys for: 58W-376VH-27690
-Updated keys that roll

-Added keys for: 58W-3920H-30000

-Added keys for: 43.1W-3984V-10000, 131W-3910V-13200, 127W-3840V-30000
-Fixed: 135W-3820H-29270
-Added routines for EPG support

-initial beta release to the general public
-includes PowerVu ecm keys for most transponders between 40.5W to 139W
-key editor has been temporarily disabled

» Author: BIGMAN_58 Write Email to BIGMAN_58 Homepage from BIGMAN_58 dtd. 08.01.2016
» Size 1.48 MB; Needed time to download 3,177 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 1238

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